234. Some muggleborns that watch Doctor Who enchant screwdrivers to be like a sonic one whenever they go back to Hogwarts. Then amaze their friends with them when they get home.




some muggleborn like “i want to be an astronaut when i grow up!”

wizard kids like “wtf is an astronaut”

"oh you know…the people who go to the moon"

of course you can’t just go to the moon you need a rocketship



A muggle-born’s sibling sends them a howler in the middle of the school year and it arrives while they eat. When they open it, all it does is simply scream “WHAT TEAM?”. Nearly all the muggle-borns shout “WILDCATS!” before returning to their meal, leaving the pure-bloods in total confusion of what the hell they just witnessed.

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claraoswinstark replied to your post: “Was going through some old pics and found this one from March. This is…”:

OTTER!!!!!! We should go back soon-ish.

We will. Right after we finish that HP fanfic we were working on.